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Appliance recalls


Despite the best efforts by manufacturers and suppliers, there are occasions where an appliance has a fault caused from either design or manufacturing process failure, and some times these faults are not discovered until the appliances are already in homes and businesses.
The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment publish a list of product recalls as they arise. Recently there have been a couple of appliances that may affect you.

At Kadec Test & Tag, we are not just a testing and tagging company. A good portion of our time is taken up with educating and informing clients and potential clients. This is all done free of charge and may include helpful hints on extending the life of your appliances to suggestions on improving the safety of your working environment. Here are some recent recalls that may affect households, some of my clients or potential new clients :

Celsius & Number8 - 2000W horizontal fan heaters

Lenoxx Electric Blankets sold on Groupon and Daily Do

What to do next...

The HSWA 2016 requires that all businesses must ensure the safety of the workplace. A Testing and tagging regime is accepted as the best way to ensure your appliances and thereby your business, complies with these requirements.

Don't be left wondering if you comply, contact Kadec Test and Tag now to ensure all your electrical appliances meet the requirements of the new Health and Safety laws.