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Do your appliances and leads meet the standard?

​How often do we stop to consider the quality and safety of our tools and accessories?

Since the law changes in 2015 and 2016 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, businesses have largely become more aware of their requirements to comply. However there are still an alarming number of businesses who are not even aware that there is such an Act in law.

As a professional Electrical Test and Tag operator, I have the luxury of experiencing a multitude of worksites, offices, hotels, motels rest homes and many other types of businesses. My estimation is that 70% of my time is taken up in educating business owners of their responsibilities when it comes to safety in the workplace.

I also get to see some very dangerous situations in places you would never have suspected.

The photo above was an extension lead that was used in maintenance at a Hotel, although I have found worse on an oil heater in a Rest home and on clothes irons in motels and hotels.

Testing and Tagging is seen as the best way for businesses to ensure they meet their obligations in regards to electrical safety in the workplace. A senior Worksafe employee has even suggested that the Standard NZS3760 that regulates how testing is done should bee seen as a MINIMUM to ensure compliance with the HSWA.

Insurance companies also see Testing and Tagging as a means of proof that PCBU’s or business owners/managers have taken a practical step to prevent an incident and have said that in an event caused by electrical failure and without a rigorous Test and Tag routine, they may even void the claim, costing the business thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost assets, property and business. Not to mention public liability and the risk of imprisonment should anyone be harmed from the failure to “Take all practical steps..” as required by the HSWA.

Tag Testing and reporting is a very inexpensive way to avoid a potential nightmare for businesses, call me now to see how you can become compliant quickly, easily and cost efficiently. 027 2443004

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