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Compliance costs, price matters

Are you paying too much for workplace compliance?

This week while I was getting my car serviced by my local mechanic – who did a great job I might add – I was talking with an electrician from another part of the country. We were talking about testing and tagging and he mentioned something that reminded me of what an old electrician acquaintance once said to me – he “will do test and tag, but doesn’t like doing much of it because he cannot compete with people who specialise in it”.

For clarity, I’m going to repeat the main point – he cannot compete on price. This same sentiment has been repeated to me by a number of sparky acquaintances.

New Zealand businesses are mostly made up of SMBE’s. Cost overrun can mean a difference between breaking even or making a profit. Worse yet, making a loss. Businesses need to ensure they are making the right choices, not just any choice.
Ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors is mandatory under the new Health and Safety laws, but it does not have to be done at great cost to the business.
When you are next due to have all your electrical appliances tested for safety, ensure you are getting the best value for money.

A specialist in the field of test and tag :

  • Tests a large variety of tools and appliances every day, so they know the small things to look for when inspecting appliances
  • knows the rules better
  • is more efficient time-wise
  • is more efficient cost-wise
  • works with you and your schedule
  • works with minimal hinderance as possible around your business
  • provides complete, machine printed information on every tag
  • provides full records as required by the Standard NZS3760