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Dangers of being too busy

Here is why you need to get your appliances tested

We are all busy.

Juggling routine work, work crises, office politics, the son's earache, the daughters homework, our personal life..... it goes on. Some things are more urgent than another. Sometimes what might seem insignificant, are in fact an urgent issue.

A couple of weeks ago I was testing at a location with a small office block. In it were intelligent, hard working people. What I found simply astonished me.
In the photo above, I found a fan heater with a power lead that had been damaged. At first sight, I thought rats had had a go at it. But on closer inspection it appears as if a knife had sliced across it. 
Benefit of the doubt here, but it probably wasn't a knife. Probably, something was dragged over it. An electric plane maybe..... whatever caused it,  it presented a hazard with the phase wire not only showing colour, but had bare wire exposed on the carpet, under a cardboard box. God knows how long it had been there, it was still plugged in, turned on at the wall.  As the temperature was still cool during the day, I assume it was still used.
That was in an office situation.........

Now on a construction site........

The photo on the right shows the result of not using tools or appliances correctly or in a safe manner. This lead was used to supply power to the inside of a shipping container - steel - the damage to the wire was caused by being jammed in the locking cam.

Anyway, here is the interesting thing....... in both instances above, the power was still connected, and still live. The situation where it should blow a fuse to protect from harm had not yet occurred, meaning, the potential for serious harm was still possible.

I'm regularly told, "we've done it this way for 20 years (or more), never been a problem".
All I can say, is that they were damn lucky.
I could easily say the same thing, been driving for 32 years, had 2 accidents that were my fault when I was still inexperienced, but apart from that, nothing for the last 20 plus years (touch wood). So what? I could sneeze and accidentally swerve in front of a truck tomorrow - you can never know !

Moral of the story....

If you are not checking EVERY appliance in your workplace for safety regularly, you are probably missing some sort of hazard that could have dire consequences.