Get timely repairs

Testing can sometimes result in a failed test. This does not always mean you are "Out Of Business" or required to replace your appliance.

More often than not, a failed test is the result of a plug or lead failure. Kadec offers an *On The Spot repair service at competitive rates that will usually save you money.

If you can see the core colours, you need to get your business tested
Workplace risks - testing and tagging to prevent injury or death

Free advice

Health and safety is important to us.

Occasionally clients are so busy running their business that sometimes the small things fall through the cracks unnoticed. At Kadec, we see it as part of our role to be your eyes and ears to the small things that help to improve your compliance in Health and Safety. While there are experts who specialise in workplace risk, we feel it is our duty to advise of any issues we see while providing our services. We gladly provide any information free of charge that may assist in providing the safe workplace your employees require.

* On The Spot repairs are available provided the appropriate lead or plug is currently in stock. Occasionally a specific product may have to be ordered in however we do our best to have the appropriate stock on hand.