Covid-19 Vaccinations and the workplace

Just updated our website to reflect the position we hold on vaccinations in the workplace.

Whether you agree with the mandate to require the Covid vaccine or not, trust it, or not, it is a tool being used to combat Covid 19 and is a reality in todays world.

Personally, I would have liked more time to discover what, if any, long term effects might be. But what we want and what we must do sometimes conflict.

The reality is that covid is out there in the wild and is world wide. It means we must all take responsibility to do what we must with the knowledge we have. New Zealand cannot remain isolated forever so we must prepare for re-integration to the world. It is loose in our country so we must do what we can to protect the vulnerable.

Vaccinations are a part of that re-integration and part of the strategy to protect the vulnerable.

Kadec specialises in the Test and Tagging of Rest homes, Motels/hotels, offices and construction sites and have a responsibility to our clients to do what we can and must, to keep them safe from infection.

We are pleased to announce that as at October 25th 2021, we are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

If you have a workplace that is due for retesting and require a fully vaccinated Test and Tagging expert who genuinely cares about it's clients, contact us now

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