Kadec Test & Tag specialising in appliance testing

Kadec Test and Tag are Electrical Appliance Certification specialists. Otherwise known as a Test and Tag Certified operator. With a focus on Construction, Accommodation Houses (Resthomes and Hotels/Motels), Hair Salons, Offices, Schools and Gyms. However, because we recognise all businesses must comply with the new Workplace Safety Act, all business is important to us.

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Construction has it's own unique conditions and environment in terms of treatment of electrical appliances, tools, leads and cords. As such this category has a more rigorous testing requirement.
To reduce the risk to workers in construction, generally speaking, electrical testing is required every 3 months. This includes but not limited to Builders, Plumbers, Concrete layers, Brick layers, Plasterers, Roofers, Scaffold workers and Painters.

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Despite being a lower risk than the likes of the construction industry, Factories, Warehouses and Offices all have an element of Workplace risk for electrical appliances and tools. Even the humble computer leads are prone to risks.

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electrical safety in the workplace is critical
At Kadec Test and Tag, we specialise in servicing Hotels and Motels. While they appear to be a lower risk workplace, they are in fact a more hostile environment to some electrical appliances than a typical office. Not only are they a workplace, but guests also use the appliances. Employee as well as guest safety is a major factor in assessing your accommodation workplace safety management systems.

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