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What needs to be test and tagged?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Laptop chargers
What gets tagged?

When you choose to comply with Workplace legislation, make sure that you are getting value for money. So what needs to be test and tagged?

Every now and again I come across some, interesting shall we say, interpretations of the NZ3760 Standards. (Note: USB leads do NOT need to be tested)

Ensure your testing company knows what they are testing, why they are testing it and how often the appliance needs to be tested. The standard allows for variance in re-test periods based on the risk to the appliance or lead of being damaged in any way. For example, an extension lead on a construction site needs re-testing every 3 months, however a lead in an office situation can be re-tested once every 12 months. A fridge whose lead and plug is nicely tucked away behind itself can be given a 5 year re-test period, but a fridge whose lead stretches across the bench where it can be damaged by a knife or other object must be re-tested every 12 months. All appliances, if they are connected to the wall via a plug, must be checked for safety at relevant time-frames. Chargers to radios to arc-welders and everything in between. At first thought you could be forgiven for thinking that mundane lamp on the desk has no risk associated with it. However the environment it sits in almost always, has an element of risk of damage to it.

danger in offices
Damaged computer cable

Side tables pushed up against the plug can damage the plug, UV damage from the sun can perish materials, knives, vacuums, regular movement etc. can all cause stress to the leads creating a hazard.

Workplace safety does not need to cost your company an arm and a leg to have a competent job done and is a proven tool to ensure your most valuable asset, your employees, are protected from harm. If you would like to know more, simply use our contact form to get in touch and leave a message in the message box.

No-body is perfect, but Kadec makes all efforts to be up-to-date on appliance recalls. This is not only for your safety, but to save you money in the long term.

Appliance recalls can happen from any supplier, at any time. There can often be unforeseen issues arise from a product or method of manufacture that could be as small as a sharp edge, to a major malfunction causing death. Fortunately most New Zealand suppliers do their best for their customers and if an issue is found, they can advise government agencies who make this information public.

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