Sometimes it's ok other times not so much

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

When testing Kindergartens, it's always interesting to discover any dangerous appliances.

Fortunately for this Kindy everything is all ok.

There are days were no failed appliances are found. This is a great endorsement for those places as it shows they are conscious of their safety and that of visitors to their place of work.

Other times, there are so many appliances faulted in a site, that I wonder if they just don't care. - They do of course, but we all know what it can be like when work is just so busy, we have very little time or energy to do anything other than the essentials to keep business moving. Then there are times where people might be aware of an issue, but do not realise the severity of the risk they are taking.

Leads like the one here, are unfortunately too common. On average, I would say I see at least one per week in this state or similar, and still in use. The users seem to not be aware, that contact with that small slither of copper in the brown plastic coating, can cause anything from a short sharp pinch of pain, through to death. Depending on the state at the time and the health of the user.

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